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November 18, 2021 |

Wormleysburg Borough Public Works Department is looking for a full-time Public Works Skilled Laborer

Hours are Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm

Job Description:

Public Works Skilled Laborer: Are salaried exempt positions which the duties include, but are not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Perform general repair and maintenance of borough equipment and vehicles
  • Perform general maintenance and repair of borough property of whatever nature
  • Construction, re-construction, and repair of the borough roadways, storm sewers, drainage ways, buildings, and borough property of whatever nature
  • Emergency repair of borough roadways and vehicles, day, night, weekends, or holidays
  • Snow and ice removal from borough roadways and property as required, day, night, and weekends or holidays
  • Periodic attendance of schools and training classes to further their abilities to perform their daily duties
  • Advise the Public Works Foreman or Manager of any hazardous road conditions observed while performing his/her duties
  • Road labor employees shall follow and enforce the mandates of the Wormleysburg Borough Personnel Policy Manual
  • Mowing of borough owned properties
  • Maintenance of borough owned parks and park equipment
  • Installation of playground equipment
  • Trimming of trees and brush at borough owned properties
  • Maintain and clean restrooms at parks
  • Empty borough owned trash receptacles
  • Special working conditions that may affect health and/or safety:
    • Working outside year-round in adverse weather conditions
    • Operation and/or working around construction and power equipment
    • Trench work
    • Elevated work (tree trimming, building repairs, etc.)
    • Vehicle traffic (inattentive/impatient motorists, road rage)
    • Work in the sun and heat
    • Use of chemicals
    • Climbing ladders
    • On call duty
  • Education: High school graduate or GED
    • Continuing Education: All public works employees shall be trained in NIMS Self Study Courses and road maintenance as needed
  • Skills and Experience:
    • Hand tool operations
    • Ability to operate light construction equipment
    • Valid PA driver’s license is required
    • Small dump truck and snowplow
    • Commercial grade mowers

Please email resume to:

Wormleysburg Borough

20 Market Street
Wormleysburg, PA 17043

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