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Appointed Officials and Employees

Deborah A. EalerBorough Manager,  Treasurer, Secretary, Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer(717) 763-4483
Lori SchmidtBorough Administrative Assistant(717) 763-4483
Jeremy Eutzy Borough Codes Enforcement and Zoning Officer(717) 756-6264
G. Bryan SalzmannSolicitor(717) 263-2121
Todd ShadleWest Shore Bureau of Fire Commissioner(717) 737-2924
Anthony MiniumWest Shore Regional Police Chief(717) 737-8734
John FrielWest Shore Regional Assistant Police Chief(717) 737-8734
Jeremy SmithBorough Engineer(717) 763-4483
Frank ChlebnikowBorough Assistant Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer(717) 763-4483
Hamilton & MusserBorough Assistant Treasurer(717)763-4483

Public Works Employees: (717) 763-4483

  • Michael Kramer
  • Kiefer Karstetter
  • Craig Shultz

Wormleysburg Borough

20 Market Street
Wormleysburg, PA 17043

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