Borough of Wormleysburg

A Capital Reflection


The Cumberland County ELECTRONIC RECYCLING CENTER is located at 1001 Claremont Drive, Carlisle, PA.

Call the Center at (717) 240-6489 for hours of operation. The charge is $0.50 per pound of recycled electronic, television and computer materials. Wormleysburg residents who have been storing electronic materials outside of their homes are REQUIRED to take advantage of this opportunity. Penalties can reach $600.00 plus court costs for noncompliance.

LANDLORDS: CO detectors are required in all multi-dwelling rental units, with three (3) or more units, under state law. The unit(s) must be located near the bedrooms.  This is under Act 121 of 2013.

ALL PROPERTY OWNERS: Smoke alarms are required near bedrooms in all dwellings.

The Cumberland County Hazardous Household Waste Drop-off is August 18th.

The 2018 Street Program will consist of the paving of Yverdon Drive, north bound lane; Rupley Road, between Echo and Yverdon; and Chestnut Street.


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